Thin Layer Chromatography Screening and Profiling of Terrestrial Aroids (Araceae) Lipophilic Extracts from Saiyok Forest, Thailand

Tiwtawat Napiroon, Duangchai Sookchaloem, and Srunya Vajrodaya



Terrestrial aroids belong to the family Araceae and are abundant in tropical rainforest, especially in Southeast Asia. Little data have been available on the chemical characteristics of these plants in Thailand. We determined the chemical profiles of lipophilic extracts from aroid plant species, all of which are distributed in natural habitats in Saiyok forest. Thin layer chromatography (TLC) profiling and preliminary phytochemical investigations were carried out on modified stem extractions of 11 species of terrestrial aroids in seven genera. Detection using different specific reagents showed the presence of diverse groups, chemical characteristics and relative front values in methanol extract. The lipophilic extracts from the aroid plants revealed terpenoids, phenolic compounds and alkaloids. TLC showed similarities in the chemical profiles of the modified stem extracts and this study is the first known published report of TLC profiles of secondary metabolites from aroids. In conclusion, our findings cientifically described the chemical profiles. We also revealed comparable profiles from the 11 species of aroids. Thus, these findings support the chemical characters and suggest that it might be possible to utilize this information in taxonomical work and further product development of these medicinal plants in ethnobotany.