Developing Appropriate Criteria and Indicators to Evaluate Sustainable Community Forest Management in Northeastern Thailand

ThanyapornBungbai, Surin Onprom, and Vipak Jintana



Using criteria and indicators (C&I) is currently at the forefront of mechanisms being proposed and implemented to determine sustainable forest management strategies. The C&I approach can contribute to enhancing participatory forest management. This research employed mixed research methods and stakeholder consultations to develop an appropriate set of C&I to evaluate the sustainability of community forest management in Northeastern Thailand. The study found that an appropriate set of C&I consisted of 36 indicators under 13 criteria and 4 principles. Each indicator was assigned a weighted score. The set of designed C&I was assessed in Sanamchai community forest, Nong Bua Lam Phu province, where 20 community leaders and villagers were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. The assessment produced mixed results on community forest performance. The study suggests that the future application of C&I must include recommendations from both the local stakeholder values and national forest policy.